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Top articles from Edition 35 (12/20)

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Introducing Patricia Reinecke and Julien Dumouchel – Regional sales managers for Switzerland

Hello! My name is Patricia Reinecke and I am responsible for the administration of our small Swiss office, supporting also Julien for the sales of…

Fair Trade Shop Darmstadt and Quantum Design – A fair alliance!

The year 2020 has been quite out-standing in many ways and has put much strain on people all around the world.


Leading cryogenic temperature control

We offer a variety of sensors for monitoring the system and samp-le temperature in a strong magnetic field at low temperatures.


Specim IQ or FX10 – The question is not if, but which!

Different materials have distinct spectroscopic fingerprints. Hyperspectral cameras spatially resolve this spectral signature, which allows material…

Novel tri-contrast imaging & in-situ optimization with the PrismaXRM 3D x-ray microscope

3D x-ray microscopy (also known as micro-CT) has developed substantially in the past two decades. Many systems are now reaching the limits of…

New features at high speeds

The new L-PRI high-speed camera from AOS Technologies provides 2800 Hz at full frame with Full HD resolution. The AOS M-PRI with HD-ready sensor and…

New Xenics IR camera module Dione – Tiny but mighty!

Xenics have just launched a new OEM detector module series based on a circuit board. The microbolometer technology is state-of-the-art for the thermal…

Light & Lasers

Good to know – Some facts about arc and halogen lamps

High radiance in the ultraviolet and visible; mercury lamps have spectral lines of very high irradiance in the ultraviolet


What’s the right tool for magnetic measurements?

Magnetic fields can be measured in many ways. The determining factor is the physical property that is to be measured. It is possible to measure the…

Materials science

Lanthanides – Magnetic measurements on gadolinium and dysprosium

From a magnetic point of view, lanthanides are highly exciting. Furthermore, some of these elements are critical to produce permanent magnets with…

Cool Science with the DynaCool VSM –
Magnetic measurement

Our first video focusing on an instrument from Quantum Design is online.

Hall measurements – New demo unit available

We now have an M91 FastHall measurement controller as demo unit available for on-site tests.


Optical filters in water analysis

Every year, the Earth’s population consumes 4 trillion cubic meters of fresh water. After being carefully treated to fulfill the water-quality…

Optical filters UV-FIR

We offer a wide selection of high quality optical filters and state-of-the-art coatings from UV to FIR.

Image quality absorptive neutral density filters VIS-NIR (visible-near infrared)

With their ability to minimize back-reflections and scattered light, absorptive neutral density (ND) filters are ideal for calibration.

New protective coating for wire grid polarizers

Moxtek’s inorganic wire grid polarizers provide outstanding performance and high heat resistance in the UV, VIS and IR from 240 nm to 15 µm. However,…


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