End of 2018: ATL helium liquefier workshop in Zaragoza, Spain

With 15 participants from all over Spain, last year’s Advanced Technology Liquefier (ATL) user workshop was a great success! We discussed topics like the technology behind the helium liquefiers ATL160 and ATL160+ and disclosed why higher liquefaction rates are achieved with higher helium gas pressures. Furthermore, Prof. Rillo, our host from the University of Zaragoza, gave us insights into the state of his research and offered a glimpse of the further development of helium liquefiers and helium gas purifiers. For now, all we know is that soon higher liquefaction rates will be possible with the same cold head. In the second part of our workshop, our service engineer Alexander Isanin presented details on service and maintenance. Our ATL liquefiers are easy-to-use and can be maintained without the help of a service technician. Last but not least, we demonstrated the exchange of a cold head on one of the many liquefiers in Prof. Rillo’s lab.

More about the helium liquefier ATL160


Stéphane Marin
Stéphane Marin


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