First beta installation of an OptiCool at the University of California in San Diego

The first OptiCool platform has successfully been installed at the research group around Prof. Richard Averitt of the Physical Institute of the University of California San Diego (UCSD). This is what Prof. Averitt says: “The OptiCool enables cutting edge experiments in condensed matter physics and materials sciences not previously possible.”
OptiCool is a closed-cycle optical cryostat with a 7 Tesla magnet and optical access from both the side and the top.
Prof. Averitt works on material changes that are induced by short laser pulses, like for example superconductivity. In close connection with this is the control of magnetism and of metallicity by light. This is possible thanks to microscopic correlations between load, grating and the spin degree of freedom in solids. To fully investigate all options regarding light-based control of solids, complex energetic landscapes must be analyzed which result from the correlation between these degrees of freedom. When considering the importance of spin in all the above mentioned phenomena, it becomes clear that precise control of the magnetic field plays a crucial role.
Our new OptiCool platform is the perfect tool for this.

More about OptiCool, the cryogen-free optical cryostat with 7-Tesla field


Stéphane Marin
Stéphane Marin


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