Full service between Vladivostok and La Laguna (Tenerife)

The area covered by our service team for Quantum Design systems (QDESC) reaches from Vladivostok on the eastern edge of Russia, only an hour‘s flight from Tokyo, to the Canary Island of Tenerife. This area covers 13 different time zones. Visas still have to be applied for when travelling to some of the countries. Others have fairly restrictive customs clearance regulations. 

Because of the challenges that come with the wide distribution of our customers, a very large part of our services is self-help support. We send e-mails and .pdfs, make TeamViewer remote controls and phone calls. We narrow down errors with the help of scientists and technicians on site and finally ship spare parts which ideally fix the problem. Sometimes, we even send several parts and take back those that are not needed. Given the size of the area served, we consider this the quickest way to serve our customers without much ado. 

The complexity and diversification of our systems require close contact of the service engineers and the fact that we keep a large number of spare parts in stock calls for a centralized service center. Telephone calls, computer remote control and e-mails are completely free of charge. 

However, due to the number of systems in the field, we have to prioritize the incoming service cases to ensure that the most pressuring issues are taken care of first. If you want your service case to always be treated with the highest priority, you can now sign up for our new Service Pro concept. As Service Pro customer, we make sure your issue is always treated first. In addition, you get 10 % discount on spare parts and one visit by one of our service engineers per year for free! These visits are always a great source of inspiring discussions about enhancements and have helped clear up many misunderstandings. 

Become a Service Pro customer and benefit from these advantages – no matter if you are in Vladivostok or La Laguna.

Simply contact us to get more information on the advantages on Service Pro.



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