Going the next step – Microbolometer camera Gobi+

We are pleased to announce that Xenics have enhanced the well-established uncooled longwave IR camera Gobi640 and now also offer Gobi+ (plus).

What is in it for you?

The uncooled detector still features 640 x 480 pixels. However, with the new version, the temperature resolution (NedT) has been reduced to under 50 mK.
Frame rates have been increased to 60 frames per second. The so-called “windowing mode” allows even better frame rates. Still, microbolometer detectors in general are rather slow, which means that really fast rates will never be reached.
The 16-bit deep data can be transferred either via GigE or CameraLink interface. However, We recommend using GigE.
The camera can be triggered and send trigger out signals.
Like its predecessor, Gobi+ includes the comprising software package Xeneth for image acquisition and analysis.
All in all, Gobi+ is a cost-effective, compact camera with great R & D potential.

More about the uncooled thermal camera Gogi and Gobi+



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