High dynamics at Xenics

Wildcat is the latest addition to the large-format NIR camera family of our Belgian partner Xenics. Wildcat has been designed for applications that require high dynamics. The newly developed sensor reaches 67 dB and features particularly low noise and dark current at high full-well capacity. It is packed in a compact housing with thermoelectric stabilization for heating and cooling. It reaches a frame rate of 110 Hz full frame (640 x 512 pixels) and up to 7 kHz at reduced windows.

A state-of-the-art USB3 vision interface is perfectly suited for indus­trial environments, thanks to screwable connectors. Additionally, communication and protocol are defined, so a USB3-vision camera can easily be integrated in soft- and hardware environments. If wanted, a CameraLink interface is also avail-
able. Two trigger inputs and two trigger outputs enable the camera to be used in complex experimental environments.
The Wildcat is the ideal tool for all who look for a compact camera with low noise, high dynamic range and rapid operation.

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