Introducing Martin Klecka – Regional Sales Manager for Czech and Slovak republic

Hello. My name is Martin Klecka and together with my team, I work as local salesperson for Quantum Design in the Czech and Slovak republic.
I was born in Prague, where I live today with my family. I studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague and have a degree in the field of precision mechanics and optics. My cooperation with QD (at that time LOT-Oriel) started in 1997. First, I sold light sources, spectrographs and detection cameras. Over time, I added more and more instruments (optical profilers, ellipsometers, nanoindenters, etc.) to the portfolio. Today, my team and I offer the complete Quantum Design product range in Czech and Slovac republic.

As the business raised over the last 10 years, we have added service technicians to the team to be able to support our customers not only in the selection of the right device but also in providing technical advice, training, and service.

At this time, we have split the responsibilities according to the following main fields:

  • Martin – Spectrometers, modular optical spectroscopy and components, imaging systems and scientific cameras from X-ray to IR
  • Ales – Systems to measure physical properties, cryogenics, magnetometers
  • Richard – Thin layers measurement systems (ellipsometers, nanoindenters, stress measurement), photolithography systems

I admit that I am a bit of a workaholic. Often enough, I am fully absorbed by my work. Working with diverse and challenging applications and learning about new technologies keeps me going. I also truly enjoy dealing with customers. It gives me great satisfaction when the offered devices help achieve better results and take the customers a step further in their research.
I devote my free time to sports and my family, with whom I undertake cycling trips, hiking, skiing or just a common event with friends.
Above all, my three children keep me busy and won't let me laze.

My team and I look forward to hearing from you and learn about your application, budget, and interests.

Martin Klecka

Sales Manager

+420 607 014278



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