LOT-QuantumDesign is now Quantum Design Europe

The company name LOT, which has accompanied us for so many years, is history now. The beginnings of LOT date back to 1970, when Oriel Corporation, USA, made its first steps in Europe. Even then, it was clear that non-European companies offering products and services for research and development need a reliable distribution partner in Europe. The customer, on the other hand, expects competent advice and know-how in order to be able to make well-founded investment decisions. Living up to these demands has always been one of our prime objectives - today as in the past. In this context, we should remember that communication in the early days of LOT was not comparable to today‘s communication technology landscape. In 1970, no one could imagine internet, smartphones, VoIP conferences and the like. Time differences alone caused long waiting times in communication.

Nevertheless, the demand for systems and components for science grew, and so did LOT. Growth often means diversification, and the same was true for us. Initially, we focused on components for optical labs. Other systems and products from various fields such as surface characterization, material sciences, laser technology, nanotechnology, life sciences, etc. followed quickly. What has remained over the years is the company‘s mission of achieving maximum customer satisfaction by providing the best possible consulting services.

2007 was a major milestone in our company history. The then LOT-Oriel GmbH was taken over by its largest supplier Quantum Design Inc. based in San Diego, California. This „deal“ promised advantages for both sides: Quantum Design secured itself an optimally functioning sales and service network in Europe, while LOT was given a stable shareholder structure. This allowed the company to concentrate on its core competencies, that include marketing, distribution and service for systems and components for research and development. This change was reflected in our new company name LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH.

This concept has proven successful up to the present day. Today, our workforce includes about 120 specialists in 20 European countries. In line with the motto that in business, standing still means falling behind, the time has come now to take the next step. The last twelve years have shown that the successful cooperation between Quantum Design and LOT does not have to be limited to Europe. The Quantum Design group with its branches in the USA, Europe, China, Japan, India, South America, etc. has evolved into a global distribution network. Therefore, it is only logical that this development should also become visible in the company‘s outward appearance, including a changed corporate design. Most obvious is, of course, the name change. From now on, we will be trading under Quantum Design Europe.

As our customers and business partners, you can count on us: We will remain loyal to you and true to ourselves. We will continue to provide you with sound, independent and individualized advice. Our employees stay with us, so that your familiar contact persons continue to be at your service. We will do our best to go on offering you the widest range of products and services from different manufacturers and start-ups.

With this in mind, I am excited about the challenges and changes ahead, and I am already looking forward to the 50th anniversary of LOT / Quantum Design that we will celebrate next year.




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