New PPMS dilatometer option discovers phase transition

Both the Quantum Design PPMS and DynaCool will be enhanced by a dilatometer option.

Its special design allows measurements of thermal expansion and magnetostriction. It uses a fused silica cell so there is hardly any magnetic noise. As there is no need for background correction, magnetostriction measurements become possible. In both instruments (PPMS and DynaCool) the dilatometer can be used at temperatures between 1.8 and 400 K.

Researchers at the University of Cali­fornia in San Diego have just proven the importance of dilatometric measurements. In the course of their work, they made a phase diagram of the material system URu2-xFexSi2. Interestingly enough, no track was found of a theoretically predicted phase by using standard measurement methods like thermal capacity, magnetization and electrical conductivity. However, by using the Quantum Design dilatometer, a change in the thermal expansion coefficient, which means a phase transition, was detected.

Get more details in the original publication (arXiv:1604.00983). The Quantum Design dilatometer features a rotatable sample holder which allows the measurement of anisotropic samples without having to remount them. The sample itself is completely isolated from the dilatometer’s measuring capacities, so conductive samples can also be used. All measurement data is available for use so it can be fully processed by the operator. The Quantum Design dilatometer option will be available in Europe in the end of 2016. Please contact us for more information.

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Nicolas Tcherbak
Nicolas Tcherbak


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