Q-Sense Dfind – a smart software for efficient QCM-D analysis

Whether we strive to publish scientific papers or meet project deadlines, it is important that our assisting tools do their job and do not waste our time. Q-Sense offer powerful analysis software that helps you to efficiently extract all the relevant information embedded in the collected QCM data. Regardless of what you are looking for; a quick comparison of data sets, extensive and deep analysis or report compilation, Q-Sense Dfind is comprehensive and resource-efficient, offering all the tools you need in one single program. Never cut and paste between spreadsheets again. Designed for efficiency, with features such as automated plotting and analysis, analy­sis of multiple data sets at the same time, and template analysis, the job is done in a couple of clicks, and you no longer have to waste time by repeating the same thing over and over. Let Q-Sense Dfind do what it is good at so that you can do the same. 

Q-Sense Dfind at one glance

1.All data treatment and analysis tools in one unified program
From raw data to report
  • Automatic plotting for rapid raw data reviewing
  • Smart modelling and high level analysis toolbox
  • Collect and summarize results in a report

2.Exploit the full potential of your data information content 
Fast and easy information extraction 
  • Graphical interface, automatic alignment and comparison of multiple datasets for quick overview
  • Guided and automated modelling (including quality of fit)
  • Expanded high-level analysis toolbox (shifts, rates, slopes, etc.)
3.Analyze all your data in one go
Project concept – new way of working
  • Analyze up to 100 measurements simultaneously
  • Save and reuse analysis template for fast information extraction
  • Share analysis templates with colleagues

For more information http://www.biolinscientific.com/q-sense/products/


Nicolas Tcherbak
Nicolas Tcherbak


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