Review of the DynaCool user workshop

On 25 and 26 June, it was our pleasure to welcome numerous participants from several countries to the 2019 DynaCool user seminar in Darmstadt.
Natalia Tristan and Stefan Riesner presented theoretical and practical know-how about the PPMS family instruments. Which components are needed for the measurement? How does the temperature control work? What data is stored by the software? Which parts require maintenance? All these questions and many more were answered and discussed in detail. The breaks and the “Workshop Dinner” provided the opportunity for an exchange of experience with each other and with our experts for measurement systems from Quantum Design. A following PPMS workshop for users will take place at the end of September, for the first time in Copenhagen/Lingsby. For details and registration, please visit our website (click  “Events” on the top navigation) or contact us by phone or email.
For users who will not be able to join, we are happy to provide the presentations from the workshop electronically.


Nicolas Tcherbak
Nicolas Tcherbak


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