Self-sensing cantilevers – Seeing and Feeling in the nanoworld

Our new supplier SCL-Sensor.Tech is market leader in the manufacturing of self-sensing cantilevers.
These cantilevers are equipped with a full piezo-resistive bridge that directly measures the cantilever signal electrically. This eliminates the space-consuming requirement for an optical read­out. The free space above the cantilever now enables a variety of new applications in air and vacuum conditions. Application fields include atomic force microscopy (AFM), Torque magnetometry, force measurements and gas sensing. The cantilever is bonded onto a 5.9 mm x 4.8 mm small PCB incl. connector to facilitate handling and exchange.

The cantilevers are available in various geometries, spring constants and resonant frequencies. When larger quantities are ordered, they can also be customized.
We also offer various tips for a wide range of applications: Silicon, ultra-hard diamond (SCD) or tipless.

Self-sensing cantilevers are suited for a great number of applications. They are the basis for a brand-new scanning electron microscope, the AFSEM, which has been developed for the integration in commercial electron microscopes by our partner GETec Micro­scopy ( (see fig. 3, left).
Correlative analysis integrates the advantages of an SEM (high depth of focus, high xy-resolution) with the advantages of an AFM (high z-resolution) and combines all data in a high-resolution 3D image.Another possible application is gas sensing. Cantilevers can be used to distinguish and analyze various gas mixes (see fig. 3, right).

More abot the AFSEM - correlative AFM and SEM


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