The times they are a-changing and names and locations ... bye bye Zygo

 At the end of April 2016 the European Zygo office moved to a new location about 5 km away from our current place.

After almost 45 years of successful cooperation between Zygo and the colleagues working in Darmstadt “Im Tiefen See 58” a new joint AMETEK company location has been established.

This was the next step towards a very competitive AMETEK surface metrology center combining Zygo metrology capabilities with the tactile and optical metrology equipment from Tayler Hobson and Luphos. End of last year ZygoLOT GmbH already changed com­pany name to AMETEK Germany GmbH, Business Unit Zygo.

Despite the name change and the new location the Zygo team will stay your competent contact for sales, service and application – always well supported by our administrative employers “behind the doors”.

At our new place we will have more room for demonstration equipment, customer acceptance tests and seminar space to train our customers as well as improved service capabilities including clean room environment for sensitive equipment.

To all our colleagues from the “LOT family”: We thank you very much for all the years of cooperation and hope to stay in good contact with you in the future.

New contact data:

AMETEK Germany GmbH
Business Unit Zygo
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 16
64331 Weiterstadt
Tel: +49 (0) 61 50 / 5 43-7064


Lionel Sudrie
Lionel Sudrie


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