TriLambda40™ – 13 nm voxel size in a laboratory CT system

TriLambda40 from our partner Sigray is the computer tomography system with the highest resolution world-­wide. It boasts a spatial resolution of up to 40 nm and allows the selection of different energy levels for various experimental requirements. Up to 3 energy levels can be united in the system.

For example:
  • 8 keV (for metallic samples and semiconductors)
  • 6.4 keV (for ceramic materials)
  • 5.4 keV (for rock samples, stained cell samples and bones)
  • 2.7 keV (for unstained cell samples)

TriLambda40™ was specially developed for researchers who need a synchrotron for their XRM experiments and who spend a lot of time waiting for beam time. Based on the development of a brand-new multi-target, microfocus x-ray tube and special proprietary x-ray optics, the system reaches a resolution and sensitivity comparable with that on a synchrotron. The figure on page one gives an overview of the internal setup of the TriLambda40™ system.

Resolution40 nm
Voxel size13 nm
Field of view18 µm
Sample size15-25 µm
Contrast modeAbsorption and phase contrast
SourceSigray proprietary microfocus x-ray source
Target materialStandard: Cr (5.4 keV), Fe (6.4 keV) and Cu (8.0 keV),
further materials possible
Power100 W

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