UV transmitting sample holders – blanket orders possible

On a regular basis, sample holders are mainly used with microscopes. Sample holders made of N-BK7 glass have established themselves as standard in many application fields. However, especially for biological experiments or fluorescence measurement applications, this type of glass cannot be used. Below 320 nm wavelength, the transmission of N-BK7 drops. From approximately 300 nm wavelength, light is completely blocked. We can provide sample holders of all sizes made of Corning 7980. Transmission of this material starts at 185 nm with 89% and rises to 92% at 320 nm.

By optimizing ordering processes and the optimal quantity, we can now offer the following prices:
  • Sample holders made of Corning 7980 – fused silica
  • Thickness: 1 mm
  • Dimensions: 75 mm x 25 mm
  • 1 pc → 25,-€
  • Min. 100 pcs → 23,-€/pc
  • Min. 200 pcs → 20,-€/pc

Please consider the possibility of placing a blanket order with us. This can be particularly interesting for institutes, universities and research facilities who might need large quantities due to contaminations and breakage.

Advantages are:
  • We buffer the up-front investment so your budget is less affected
  • Sample holders are instantly available
  • No one-time total cost invoice; each call off is invoiced separately.
  • Achieve better prices by ordering larger quantities.
  • Future requirements can be considered on time when current blanket order is about to end.

We will be happy to discuss the most economic deal with you. Please contact us.

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