VSM Magnetometers from Lake Shore

We have many years of experience in selling and servicing VSM magnetometers. Thanks to our strategic partnership with Lake Shore Cryotronics, we are able to provide a range of new products. This includes VSM model 8600, which has been around only a few years. The VSM model 8600 comes with either a 4” or 7” electromagnet.
The Lake Shore products are the perfect addition to our Quantum Design systems. Especially the fact that no liquid helium nor close-cycle refrigeration are necessary, makes classic VSM systems attractive for laboratories with magnetic measurement tasks.

In short:

  • Magnetic fields to 3.2 T
  • Very high sensitivity: up to 1.5 x 10-8 emu at 10 s/pt
  • Allows very fast measurements: up to 10 ms/pt
  • Temperature options from 4.2 K to 1273 K
  • Suitable for FORC measurements

Check out the 8600 VSM on YouTube.

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