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1.5 K Continuous Closed Cycle Refrigerator Cryostat

from Lake Shore Cryotronics

These cryostats with a closed cooling circuit can cool samples down to 1.5 K in exchange gas.

  • Temperature range: <1.5 K to 800 K
  • Initial system cooldown time: ~9 h to 1.5 K
  • Sample change time: ~80 min
  • Cold head: GM cryocooler
  • Sample environment: Exchange gas

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These Lake Shore closed-cycle refrigerator cryostats cool the sample in exchange gas. Helium circulates through an independent cooling loop to cool samples to temperatures as low as 1.5 K, allowing nearly unlimited operation. The sample space is separate from the cooling loop, minimizing the risk of blockages. With a wide range of electrical feedthrough and window options, they are a versatile choice for making cryogenic measurements without using liquid helium.


  • materials research
  • magnetic measurements
  • neutron scattering
  • electrical transport measurements
  • optical spectroscopy
  • spintronics


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