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Automated multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance system

MP-SPR Navi 420A ILVES from BioNavis

4-channel MP-SPR Navi™ 420A ILVES for molecular interaction studies is the fastest member of the MP-SPR family! KineticTitration function makes it an ideal solution for challenging-to-regenerate-surfaces, or to obtain the results faster. PureKinetics™ uniquely eliminates bulk effect, extends life span of functionalized sensors and together with minimal dead volumes provides high quality kinetic data for small molecules as well as proteins in purified and crude samples, including 100% serum.

  • 4 fluidic channels
  • Automation of samples from 96 and 384 well plate format allows for unattended runs
  • KineticTitration
  • PureKinetics



IgG experiment using MP-SPR instrument 420A ILVES


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