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Since 1961 Janis Research Company has been providing the scientific and technical community with the highest-quality cryogenic equipment for research, characterization, and industrial applications. Over the years, our family of customers has grown to include some of the world's largest corporations and best-known research centers and institutions. The reasons for this record of success are simple: precision engineering and quality manufacturing; ease-of-operation; day-after-day reliability and performance; and a level of service and support unmatched in the industry.

Janis Research recognizes that obtaining a cryogenic system represents a long-term commitment for most scientists; therefore, we are devoted to providing you with the highest level of quality and customer support: in fact either it’s about a simple flow cryostat, a complex ARPES Sub-K system or a large dilution fridge for Quantum Information, each and every cryostat JRC delivers is customize on application requirements.

NEWS! Since August 2020, Janis Research Company, excepted the ULT section (Ultra Low Temperatures: dilution and 3He refrigerators business), is part of Lake Shore Cryotronics, creating a unique synergy in the world of material characterization at low temperatures.

  • Dilution fridges: standard/customized, wet/dry, UHV, with magnetic field;
  • Ultra-stable 3He cryostats ideal for STM, UHV, with magnetic field
  • Optical cryostats for electric transport , Hall effect, wet/dry, very low vibration
  • Helium Re-circulators system to save helium in flow cryostats
  • Customized Systems


Temperatures: down to <10mK

System for STM with ultra high stability

Low vibration systems

Superconducting magnet integrated systems

Fully customized systems


Aerospace, Astronomy
Quantum Information
Spectroscopy: DLTS, ARPES, ESR, Raman, Mössbauer, NMR, FLNS…
Microscopy: AFM, STM, SPM, uPL, Diamond Anvil Cell,…
Transport and magnetic properties
Neutron Scattering


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Mickaël PetrilliProduct Manager
01 69 19 49 49
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