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Semi-automatic multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance system

SPR Navi 200 OTSO from BioNavis
SPR Navi 200 OTSO is the core measurement unit in the BioNavis product range. Choose SPR Navi 200 OTSO, if you want to connect multi-parametric surface plasmon resonance (MP-SPR) to other measurement instruments or if you want to start with a light version of MP-SPR and upgrade it later on with BioNavis' range of stand-alone accessories. Features
  • Fully modular
  • True goniometric SPR enabling a wide angular scan range (40 - 78°)
  • Customizable flow cell
  • Flexible sensor-slide system
  • Contamination free MP-SPR & open design

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SPR Navi 200 OTSO allows you to connect other stand-alone instruments or tune it to your specific application needs. The system is semi-automatic by default, but can be automated using our stand-alone autosampler. To fully enjoy the MP-SPR the additional set of lasers is recommended. 

True Goniometric SPR

Unlike most SPR systems, SPR Navi 200 OTSO is a true goniometric SPR. This enables a wide angular scan range (­= 40–78°) that produces a complete SPR curve with absolute angle information. The true goniometric SPR configuration confers great advantages as it widens the range of refractive indexes at which you can measure, allowing you to characterize surfaces in gas and/or liquid. It also allows you to check the quality of user-defined surfaces before sample injection, providing you with additional evidences. In other words, the wide angular scan range makes SPR Navi 200 OTSO an extremely sensitive and versatile characterization instrument.

Customizable flow cell

SPR Navi 200 OTSO comes with dual measurement channels for in-line referencing or duplicate measurements. In addition, the easily accessible flow-cell can be customized for user-specific experiments, thus broadening your experimental capabilities. For instance, BioNavis can provide electrochemical flow cells or flow cells equipped with optical fibers for surface illumination. The flow cell shape can also be customized to tailor the flow dynamics to your needs.


Drug discovery
New materials and coatings
Process optimization of thin film manufacturing
Biosensors and rapid testing methods
Self cleaning surfaces
Environmental safety


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