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Temperature Probes

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When special requirements on available space as well as protection of cryogenic temperature sensors are needed, sealed temperature probes are used. These probes are encased in stainless steel thermowell fixtures for tight spaces or immersion in liquids. Probes are unaffected by high pressure and sealed to keep electrical components and wiring protected from fluids and other elements.

  • Highly customizable temperature sensors
  • Ideal for temperature measurements in fluid containers and tanks
  • Unaffected by high pressure
  • Industry application

Further information

  • Stainless steel-encased probes
  • Thermowell or direct cryogen contact
  • Highly customizable
  • May be configured with many sensor types, including Cernox®
  • Thin-walled probe tubing reduces thermal lag and heat leak



Temperature probes are ideal for thermometry applications to measure inside:

  • fluid containers, tanks, and pipes
  • cryostats and cryogenic liquid flow meters
  • other liquid storage systems.


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