Hall effect

Hall effect - M91 FastHall Measurement Controller
M91 FastHall Measurement Controller

The MeasureReady M91 is a all‑in-one Hall analysis instrument. It features Lake Shore’s new FastHall measurement technique. The M91 eliminates the need to switch the polarity of the applied magnetic ...

Hall effect - MeasureReady FastHall
MeasureReady FastHall

The MeasureReady FastHall controller is a unique combination of the new M91 Hall controller, which has been designed to fully target Hall effect measurements, and a compact tabletop Hall-effect ...

Hall effect - Hall effect measurement system (HMS)
Hall effect measurement system (HMS)

The Hall effect measurement system of the 8400 series is a full system for Hall effect measurements. The HMS can support a very wide range of mobilities which makes it suitable for many different ...

Hall effect - Hall effect system with cryogenic probe station
Hall effect system with cryogenic probe station

Model 8425 is a combination of the stand-alone Hall measurement system Model 8400 and the CRX-VF probe station. Wafers up to 2-inch (51 mm) diameter can be hostet for probe investigations. Opposite to ...

Hall effect - MeasureLINK software
MeasureLINK software

MeasureLINKTM is a software that coordinates and automates characterization systems. To do so it executes sequences of user-defined experimental steps which can include setting field and temperature ...


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