Hyperspectral systems

Hyperspectral systems - Hyperspectral drill core imaging station
Hyperspectral drill core imaging station

SisuROCK is a scanning system for the automated hyperspectral analysis of drill cores and other geological samples. Hyperspectral analysis is a useful tool to find minerals in rocks and measure the ...

Hyperspectral systems - Hyperspectral chemical imaging analyzer
Hyperspectral chemical imaging analyzer

SisuCHEMA is an automated hyperspectral chemical imaging system. This compact and robust turnkey system analyzes different materials based on spectral reflection and gives both the quantity and ...

Hyperspectral systems - Hyperspectral single core scanner
Hyperspectral single core scanner

The Single Core Scanner (SCS) setup is based on the Specim Sisu systems. SCS combines the spectral camera setup with an efficient translation stage and illumination that limits the heat load to the ...


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