Laser beam diagnostics

Laser beam diagnostics - Beam probes
Beam probes

Macken Instruments‘ model 23-S consists of seven beam probes and one fabric case. Each beam probe covers a different sensitivity range which extends from 200 w/cm2 to 0.05 w/cm2. The five beam probes ...

Laser beam diagnostics - Thermal image plates
Thermal image plates

Macken Instruments’ thermal image plates allow to see real time IR laser beams with high resolution. The characteristics of this instrument enable it to solve a wide range of problems.

Laser beam diagnostics - CO<sub>2</sub> laser spectrum analyzer
CO2 laser spectrum analyzer

The CO2 Spectrum Analyzer is a unique grating spectroscope which simultaneously displays all the lasing transactions of a CO2 laser. It is calibrated both in wavelength and rotational line designation ...

Laser beam diagnostics - CO, HF and DF laser spectrum analyzer
CO, HF and DF laser spectrum analyzer

Macken Instruments offers Laser Spectrum Analyzers calibrated for use with CO, HF and DF Lasers similar to our CO2 Laser Spectrum Analyzer. Additional general information can be obtained by reviewing ...

Laser beam diagnostics - Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor
Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor

The wavefront sensor by Laser Laboratorium Göttingen was designed for comprehensive laser beam and optics characterization.

Laser beam diagnostics - Laser beam profiler
Laser beam profiler

The laser beam profiler provides high resolution real-time monitoring and quantitative characterization of spatial beam intensity distribution. Primarily designed for excimer lasers, it may be used ...


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