ServicePro for Quantum Design Systems

Dear Customer,

Since 1982, when Quantum Design has produced its first magnetometers, the company
name has become a synonym to the highest standards on the scientific equipment market.
And we are sure that the high level of provided service is one of the key reasons for
the very long life of our equipment and its world-renowned reputation. To provide even
higher quality service for your Quantum Design equipment, which constantly meets your
expectation, we are pleased to introduce an advanced ServicePro plan.

Our observations of many years clearly show that those systems, which are regularly
and preventively maintained by experienced users and/or by our service engineers,
work more reliably and rarely face unexpected long downtime.
ServicePro is a great way to bring regular maintenance to the professional level.

Competent users know how to get the best out of wide functionality of our equipment.
They achieve more high-quality results and can concentrate on science instead of the
technicalities. However, it is not a secret that many of QD users are students, PhD fellow
and postdocs, which move from one group to another on a way up in their scientific
carriers. Quite often, when a new user is introduced to QD equipment by the previous
one, some of the knowledge and expertise is “lost in translation”.
ServicePro gives an easy solution for transferring the knowledge directly from experts to
the users.

We also believe that the ServicePro plan, which includes possibility to reserve certain
funds when they are available and to spend them on precise needs when they arise, is
a good way of planning and reducing service costs.

ServicePro Formula of Success is
Happy System + Competent User + Service Costs Optimization

Please find attached an overview of our Basic and ServicePro plans for your

Sincerely Yours,
QDESC Service Team

ServicePro conditions

Please download the PDF for more information.

ServicePro conditions.pdf


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