Hall effect

Hall effect - Hall (magnetic) sensors
Hall (magnetic) sensors

Hall effect sensors are measuring or detecting magnetic fields electronically. They are providing an output voltage proportional to the magnetic flux density. This device relies on the Hall effect. ...

Hall effect - M91 FastHall Measurement Controller
M91 FastHall Measurement Controller

The MeasureReady M91 is a all‑in-one Hall analysis instrument. It features Lake Shore’s new FastHall measurement technique. The M91 eliminates the need to switch the polarity of the applied magnetic ...

Hall effect - MeasureReady FastHall Station
MeasureReady FastHall Station

The MeasureReady FastHall controller is a unique combination of the new M91 Hall controller, which has been designed to fully target Hall effect measurements, and a compact tabletop Hall-effect ...

Hall effect - Hall effect measurement system (HMS)
Hall effect measurement system (HMS)

The Hall effect measurement system of the 8400 series is a full system for Hall effect measurements. The HMS can support a very wide range of mobilities which makes it suitable for many different ...

Hall effect - Hall effect system with cryogenic probe station
Hall effect system with cryogenic probe station

Model 8425 is a combination of the stand-alone Hall measurement system Model 8400 and the CRX-VF probe station. Wafers up to 2-inch (51 mm) diameter can be hostet for probe investigations. Opposite to ...

Hall effect - MeasureLINK software
MeasureLINK software

MeasureLINK is a software that coordinates and automates characterization systems. To do so it executes sequences of user-defined experimental steps which can include setting field and temperature ...


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