alpha 2.0 – Advanced ellipsometer for routine measurements

The new and advanced alpha 2.0 spectroscopic ellipsometer is the suitor of the well-renowned alpha-SE. It is a budget-friendly option for routine measurements of thin film thickness and refractive index. Its compact footprint and simple setup make alpha 2.0 easy to handle while it provides the full advantages of spectroscopic ellipsometry.  It was designed for ease of use: Simply place the sample on the stage, choose the model that matches your film, click “measure”, and you get results within seconds.
The technology with two rotating elements – rotating compensator and rotating analyzer – guarantees high-precision measurements including Mueller matrix.
By CCD detection, the entire spectral range from 400-1000 nm is measured with 190 wavelengths simultaneously within 5-10 seconds. The system features 3 different angles of incidence: 65°, 70° and 75° (manually adjustable) and uses sensors that prevent incorrect angle settings. It also enables transmission measurements (ellipsometry and intensity).
With a small footprint of < 50 cm x 35 cm, the alpha 2.0 will find space in the smallest of labs. The instrument operates on powerful CompleteEASE software which is also used in its predecessor alpha-SE and other, larger systems such as M-2000 and RC2. We regularly provide data analysis trainings with CompleteEASE.

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