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Top articles from Edition 20 (11/14)

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Montana Instruments awarded patent on low drift design

The Montana Instruments Cryosta­tion has seen quick acceptance as the standard for high performance applications requiring closed-cycle optical…

Find the right temperature monitor and controller for your cryogenic experiments

Cryogenic Control Systems (Cryo-con) are our supplier of precision electronic instrumentation for both laboratory and industrial applications.


Successful ten-year partnership with Xenics

On 1 September 2014, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the successful partnership with the Belgian Xenics company.

Specim SWIR spectral camera robust at high-resolution

Spectral information in the shortwave infrared from 1000 nm to 2500 nm is important in vegetation research, the analysis of pigments (painting…

New LabView SDK for Xenics cameras

All our Xenics IR and NIR cameras come pre-installed with Xeneth control software. Xeneth can perform more than usual camera operations.

Materials science

PPMS-DynaCool – Full steam ahead

Quantum Design’s DynaCool is the right system at the right time. In 2010, the first DynaCool was installed at the University of California, San Diego…

New profiler to measure the surface topography of large optical parts

The Zygo Portable Profiler is a portable white light interferometer perfectly suit­able to measure the 3D topography of large optical parts with…

NanoTest Vantage – Nanoindenter for high-temperature applications

In more than 10 years, Micro Materials has gained substantial know-how, through the close cooperation with leading scientists, to develop…

Magnetic hyperthermia – Magnetism meets biology and medicine

The medical term hyperthermia describes overheating of the whole body or local body areas which for example is used in cancer treatment. Recently,…

Film stress measurements made easy!

As the film grows on a substrate, it can only compensate this strain to a certain point.



Zyla sCMOS camera for ASDEX Upgrade

A polarization imaging diagnostic called IMSE (Imaging Motional Stark Effect) was developed in 2013 for the ASDEX Upgrade experimental fusion reactor.…

Shamrock 193i spectrograph with iDus CCD and Newton EMCCD detectors

Shamrock 193i is faster and more sensitive than its bigger brothers.

How a laboratory dramatically increased sample throughput

The quickening pace of business caused one of Europe’s leading independent testing laboratories to seek an alternative to the standard solvent…


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