Find the right temperature monitor and controller for your cryogenic experiments

Cryogenic Control Systems (Cryo-con) are our supplier of precision electronic instrumentation for both laboratory and industrial applications. They offer a complete line of cryogenic temperature controllers, monitors, sensors and cryogenic accessories, which support most temperature sensors (silicon diode, ruthenium oxide, platinum RTD, CernoxTM, rhodium iron, germanium, Carbon-GlassTM, GaAlAs diode and thermocouple). The calibration cur­ves of most sensors are preinstalled on all Cryo-con cryogenic temperature monitors and controllers.

The different cryogenic temperatu­re controllers model 22C, 24C, 26 and 32 feature two or four multi-purpose input channels. They cover a temperature range from 200 mK to 1500 K. Different interfaces (Ethernet, RS-232, GPIB, USB and LabView) together with advanced operation software assure an easy integration into your measurement set-up.

The cryogenic temperature monitors have eight, four and two multipurpose input channels. The temperature range (between 500 mK and 1500 K) depends on the sensor type. A constant voltage AC sensor excitation is used for the extended-range use of negative temperature coefficient (NTC) resistive sensors. The controller offers a wide variety of standard remote interfaces including Ethernet and RS-232. GPIB and USB are optional. LabViewdrivers are available for all interfaces.

To complete the package, ruthenium oxide (R600)-, Si-diode (S900)-, and platinum RTD-sensors are also offered as well as accessories like cartridge heaters, nichrome wire heaters, nichrome heater wires and PW4-36 phosphor-bronze ribbon cables.

 The highlight of this product portfolio is the new model 26 temperature controller with one 100 watt and one 50 watt control loop.


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