New enhanced software for hyperspectral image processing

More and more hyperspectral camera applications require power analysis software. Our Specim cameras use software from Lux Flux as standard. LuxFlux Trainer is a comfortable, intuitive software for the scientific analysis of spectral data. It also allows the creation of proprietary measuring models. The software has often been used as part of a hyperspectral solution to measure and determine for example paints, chemicals or thin films. Extensive programming skills are not required.
Now, LuxFlux offers an enhanced software package with different spectral indices. Following our vegetation analysis customers’ preferences, we now offer measuring values in the following index formats: NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), CVI (Chlorophyll Vegetation Index) and SAVI (Soil-adjusted Vegetation Index).
Dr. Deutschländer from LuxFlux considers the spectral indices as quick and target-oriented access to hyperspectral data analysis: “An index simplifies the first analysis even for entry-level users which allows us to reach out to new user groups from areas like geology, agricultural sciences and biology.”

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