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Top articles from Edition 33 (4/20)

Themes in this issue

About us

Introducing Piotr Dłużewski – Regional Sales Manager for Poland

Hello! My name is Piotr Dłużewski and I have been with Quantum Design for most of my career. I studied electronics engineering at the Warsaw…


First ever OptiCool installation in Europe

Just before the Spectrum editorial deadline, we have installed the very first QD OptiCool system in Europe.

Leading cryogenic temperature control

We offer a variety of sensors for monitoring the system and samp-le temperature in a strong magnetic field at low temperatures.

Electron microscopy

In-situ MFM and SEM measurements of magnetic multilayer structures and duplex steel samples with the AFSEM

Magnetic compounds and multilayer structures are promising materials when it comes to solving problems in the fi elds of spintronics, thermoelectrics,…


Xenics InGaAs line-scan cameras

Xenics offers inGaAs line-scan cameras with detectors for the wavelength range 900 - 1700 from their proprietary Belgian research and production.

Hyperspectral imaging with drones - Specim AFX series

With the new AFX series, Specim has developed a state-of-the-art hyperspectral camera solution for the sophisticated drone market.

New enhanced software for hyperspectral image processing

More and more hyperspectral camera applications require power analysis software.

Life sciences

QSense training with Biolin Scientific in Darmstadt

In cooperation with our partner Biolin Scientific, we are happy to announce that we will offer two days of hands-on training on QSense technology in…

Now available: Fluidnatek electrospinning and electrospraying equipment from Bioinicia

We are happy to announce that Quantum Design has entered a strategic partnership with Valencia-based Bioinicia a specialized engineering and material…

Make smarter decisions with the QSense High-Pressure System

High pressures and temperatures may aff ect material properties and, consequently, surface interaction processes.

News from QSense

QSense invites you to annual European User Meeting. This year’s QSense User Meeting will take place from 01 - 03 June in the Nääs Fabriker Hotell in…

Light & Lasers

New ILT2500 for pulsed light

With the ILT2500, International Light has enhanced their portfolio by a radiometer suited for the measurement of pulsed light sources.


Magnetotransport measurements in the MPMS3 with ETO option

Prof. Jeffrey Rinehart’s group from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC San Diego have recently published their work on granular…

ACDR option for PPMS and DynaCool

The AC Susceptibility for Dilution Refrigerator (ACDR) option enables measurements of the dynamic sus-ceptibility of samples within the low…

Materials science

49th International School & Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors

We kindly invite you to visit our booth at Jaszowiec conference 20 - 26 June 2020.

Publication on the laser furnace for the production of crystals

The recently introduced laser furnace by Quantum Design Japan has now been described in an article and first crystals have been shown.

Heat capacity explained on YouTube

Check out the brand-new video on heat capacity launched by Quantum Design USA on YouTube. The video explains the Heat Capacity option for the PPMS,…

CompleteEASE software training: Analysis of ellipsometric measurement data

The next three-day Complete EASE training course in Darmstadt will take place from 22 to 24 September 2020.


How do I find the right filter for my particular application and what is the difference between them? (part 3)

Bandpass filters

The main parameters that characterize a bandpass filter were described in part 2 of this article.


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