Now available: Fluidnatek electrospinning and electrospraying equipment from Bioinicia

We are happy to announce that Quantum Design has entered a strategic partnership with Valencia-based Bioinicia a specialized engineering and material development and manufacturing company for premium electrospinning and electrospraying equipment. Bioinicia offers a comprehensive portfolio of customizable electrospinning and electrospraying equipment from simple benchtop lab systems to turn-key industrial manufacturing solutions.
Electrospinning and electrospraying are simple and inexpensive methods to create nanostructures and coatings at room temperature from an unlimited range of functional materials like polymers, proteins and inorganics. As such, they are being used in a growing number of applications from simple bench-top research to industrial-scale manufacturing.
Fiber- or particle-based structures created by electrospinning and electrospraying have huge surface areas compared to those from conventional processing methods. This offers many advantages in various applications:

  • Pharmaceutical: Super-efficient drug delivery and a dramatic increase in bioavailability for more effective drugs at lower dosages and with fewer side-effects.
  • Medical: The biomimetic structure of electrospun fibers provides cells with a scaffold that closely resembles the natural extracellular matrix in human tissues. This enables natural tissue regeneration without immune reaction. Applications include wound care, cardiovascular implants, tendon repair grafts and more.
  • Other industries: Electrospun materials are successfully applied in next-generation battery and fuel cell membranes, lightweight composites, green catalysts, sensors, high-efficiency air and liquid filters, biodegradable food packaging, encapsulation of natural extracts for food and cosmetics and many more.

Bioinicia has built the world’s first industrial-scale electrospinning factory with GMP certification, manufacturing large volumes of electrospun products for medical and pharma applications. Currently, they are building the world’s first industrial-scale electrospraying factory, which will allow the production of industrial volumes of both fiber- and particle-based products.
Would you like to learn more about the outstanding possibilities offered by electrospinning and electrospraying?

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