Quantum Design introduced NexGen Helium Liquefiers

The new line of helium liquefiers are going to benefit from the latest advances in cryocooler technology. The NexGen liquefiers will feature both 160- and 250-liter capacities with liquefaction ranging from 20+ liters/day (NexGen 160 and NexGen 250) to 24+ liters/day (NexGen 160XL). The NexGen liquefiers will operate at 1 PSIg making helium transfers on demand easier for users. The ATL160 (now renamed the ATL 160XL) will continue to be offered with an improved liquefaction rate of 28+ liters/day. All liquefaction rates are based on a power grid frequency of 50 Hz. With higher frequencies (like 60 Hz) the liquefaction rate will rise. This could be done by using QDs own inverter-based compressor.
We will be discontinuing the ATL160+. In addition, the ATP30 will be experiencing a cosmetic makeover to make it smaller and more user friendly (its functioning and specifications will not change).

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Nicolas Tcherbak
Nicolas Tcherbak


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