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Top articles from Edition 36 (7/21)

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Introducing Octavian Buiu – Regional Sales Manager for Romania

My name is Octavian Buiu and I live in Bucharest, Romania, together with my family.

May I introduce myself?

My name is Matthias Müller. I have been with the Quantum Design cryotechnology and magnetism department for a year now. Before that, I received a…

Introducing Cecilia Steinbach – Regional Sales Manager for Hungary

My name is Cecilia Ocsovainé Steinbach, and I am the local sales manager of Quantum Design in Hungary.


How to avoid hydrogen contamination in liquid helium to finally reach really low temperatures

Over the past years, problems have been reported by our customers that they have problems reaching temperatures below 4.2 K when using liquid helium…

High NA objective for OptiCool

A long-foreseen option, the high NA objective, is now available for the 7 Tesla slit coil optical cryostat.

Quantum Design introduced NexGen Helium Liquefiers

The new line of helium liquefiers are going to benefit from the latest advances in cryocooler technology.

Janis Research now part of Lake Shore Cryotronics

In the middle of last year, our partner Lake Shore Cryotronics has taken over Janis Research. The merger has united two of the leading providers of…

Electron microscopy

Combination of strain measurements and AFM in SEM

The investigation of fractures or material softening is normally part of damage and error analysis. One particular challenge is the analysis of cracks…


You can count on AOS!

AOS Technologies, our trusted partner for high speed and streaming cameras provides solutions for (almost) all application demands in the high-speed…

Specim IQ - Compact and Sophisticated Hyperspectral Imaging

The hyperspectral camera IQ combines the high spatial and spectral resolution of a spatially resolving spectrograph with the ease-of-use of a modern…

Everything you always wanted to know about Andor cameras - FAQ videos

Have you ever asked yourself why all Andor cameras have an offset of a few hundred counts?

Quick and compact - Highspeed camera J-Pri from AOS Technologies

The new AOS highspeed camera J-Pri is faster than ever: The light-sensitive, 5-megapixel sensor features state-of-the-art 7.8 µm technology and 2560 x…

Life sciences

Fast and versatile: the new SCREEN Duos2 opens up new possibilities for high throughput screening

Recent advances in imaging technology have resulted in better understanding of cellular processes and implications in the field of life sciences.

Light & Lasers


VSM – Magnetic measurements made simple

With VSM Model 8600, Lake Shore has made a quantum leap. Compared with its predecessor, many features have been further improved: higher sensitivity,…

Materials science

Woollam newsletter #20 out now

Many interesting articles around spectroscopic ellipsometry are featured in Woollam’s latest newsletter. The category “Featured Researcher” has long…

Virtual magnetometry and cryo lab

We have created virtual setups of our magnetometry and cryo labs! It started in September 2020 when we held a virtual lab tour and user workshop.

Rethinking electrical measurements

Imagine this scenario: Your colleague shows you the setup of a new electrical measurement task. It’s basically a compilation of various components: AC…


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