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The Fluxmeter Model 480 is an advanced tool designed primarily for use in industrial and measurement systems settings. It measures the total flux from which B, flux density, and/or H, magnetic field strength, can be determined. The Model 480 is used to detect magnetizing, for manual and automated magnet testing and for sorting, and as the main component in BH loop or hysteresis measurement system applications. The Model 480 fluxmeter is compatible with most sensing coils and fixtures.

  • Advanced Fluxmeter
  • For magnetizing, manual and automated magnet testing and sorting
  • For BH loop or hysteresis measurement system applications

Further information

A bright display and fast update rate make the Model 480 ideal for manual magnet sorting and testing. The instrument’s low drift improves productivity with fewer adjustments. Remote terminals allow for foot pedal reading reset to keep hands on the work, not the instrument. Configurable alarms give an audible signal or relay closure to signify pass/fail.

In automated testing, time is money. The Model 480 has many features to enhance throughput. The instrument has a fast update rate and fast settling time. It recovers quickly from reading reset to start a new reading cycle. The IEEE-488 and serial computer interfaces included with the 480 can be used to control most instrument functions. Relays and analog outputs can be used for automation without a computer interface.

The magnetizing process places unique demands on all associated electronics. The Model 480 responds with a very fast peak capture that can keep up with the fastest magnetizing pulses. Both a positive and negative peak can be captured from the same pulse. The input of the Model 480 is protected against the high voltages present at its input during magnetizing.

High resolution and low drift define a fluxmeter’s role in analytical measurement. The high resolution of the Model 480 is reinforced by a low noise floor. A configurable filter helps keep the readings quiet. Automatic and manual drift adjustment modes help optimize the integrators’ low drift characteristics. The IEEE-488 and serial computer interfaces included with the 480 allow automated data taking.

Sensing coils are sensitive to AC magnetic fields but many conventional integrating fluxmeters cannot measure AC fields. The Model 480 has an AC mode that enables it to measure fields over a wide frequency range using simple sensing coils. Applications are limited to field volumes as large or larger than the coil but for some, it is an inexpensive way to make low drift AC field measurements.

Adjusting or nulling the drift of an analog integrator wastes time. It can be the only unpleasant part of using an integrating fluxmeter. Lake Shore innovation brings some relief. The Model 480 has a built-in drift algorithm that continually adjusts drift when the instrument and coil are idle. It is ready when you are to make precision low drift measurements. The adjustment algorithm has no effect during flux integration. Manual drift adjustment is also available.


Model 480 Fluxmeter

  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Very fast peak capture
  • AC frequency response to 50 kHz
  • IEEE-488 and serial interfaces
  • Storage of parameters for up to 10 existing coils


Fluxmeter 480


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