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Top articles from Edition 34 (7/20)

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Introducing Martin Klecka – Regional Sales Manager for Czech and Slovak republic

Hello. My name is Martin Klecka and together with my team, I work as local salesperson for Quantum Design in the Czech and Slovak republic.


Raman microscope finds electrocaloric materials

At the Purdue University in Indiana, USA, scientists successfully use a state-of-the-art microReveal Raman microscope system from Montana Instruments…

Temperature sensor selection guide

To help you pick the right sensor for your application, each sensor has been given a rating for six attributes or characteristics: Temperature range,…

Charge transports in insulator edges

Nanoelectrical devices become increasingly important. However, it is a little-known fact that the outermost layer of insulators can show metallic…

Electron microscopy

Correlative EBSD, REM and AFM analysis of ZrO2 ceramics

Zirconia (ZrO2)-based ceramics are strong, hard and inert, have low thermal conductivity and good biocompatibility.


Microscopic thermography of electronical components

One of the key developments in contemporary electronic´s design is the reduction of size. But it is not just about size that matters, another key…

High dynamics at Xenics!

Wildcat is the latest addition to the large-format NIR camera family of our Belgian partner Xenics.

The sharpest images of the sun – Balor sCMOS camera from Andor

The highest-resolution images of the sun were taken with Balor sCMOS cameras from Andor at the largest solar telescope of the world.

Light & Lasers

New flicker measurement system from ILT

What is flicker?

Flicker is a temporal light artifact (TLA) that is caused by visible and invisible changes in the light's output.

Materials science

Second Dynacool installation in Olomouc

Natalia Tristan and Simon Wittner from our QD-Europe office have recently installed the second Dynacool at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech…

Online workshop on Heat Capacity now on YouTube

Last December we broadcast an online workshop focusing on Heat Capacity Options for our various measurement platforms.

New method for Hall measurements – Precise and fast

With the M91 FastHall, our partner Lake Shore has created a Hall measurement controller that does not rely on magnetic field reversal and still…

MPMS3 online user workshop - Save the date!

Things are a little different this year, so we have decided to offer this year’s Quantum Design User Workshop online. For many years, we have been…

OptiCool update

The product page on our optical cryo­stat OptiCool has been updated. It now includes information on “Customizations”.


Bandpass filters against coronoavirus

In 1878, the British researchers Arthur Downes and Thomas Blunt discovered the sterilizing effects of UV light. In 1903, the Danish physician Niels…

Nano Imprint Lithography

In addition to the well-established photo lithography for the production of polarizers, Moxtek now offers state-of-the-art NIL volume production on…


Why are there no high-resolution gratings for the IR range?

Have you ever asked yourself why high-resolution gratings with 2400 or 3600 lines per mm (l/mm) are only available for the UV and VIS ranges?


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