Strategic sales partnership with Lake Shore Cryotronics

Since January of this year, we are the authorized sales and service partner of Lake Shore Cryotronics for all of Europe. Lake Shore offers sensors and instrumentation for measurement and control at cryogenic temperatures and in magnetic fields, as well as systems and instruments for the precise characterization of electronic and magnetic materials. Leading researchers worldwide trust Lake Shore for measurement solutions that drive the development of new technologies and advanced scientific discoveries, from particle physics exploration at the CERN LHC accelerator to experiments in cold fusion at national laboratories.

Our product portfolio comprises:

  • Temperature sensors, monitors and controllers
  • Cryogenic accessories
  • Teslameters and Hall sensors
  • Electromagnets and Helmholtz coils
  • Power supplies for magnets
  • Systems for material characterization
  • Vibrating sample magnetometers
  • Hall-effect systems
  • Cryogenic probe stations

We are very happy to offer you technical expertise, sales force and service support for the complete Lake Shore product range!

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Stephane Struyve
Stephane Struyve


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