Magnetometer measurements

In our application lab we offer a SQUID-based Magnetic Property Measurement System MPMS3 and a Physical Property Measurement System PPMS both with a variety of options.


The following measurements can be provided:

  • MPMS3

    • Magnetic moment detection, sensitivity <= 1 x 10-8 emu (field: +/- 7 Tesla, 1.8 K to 400 K)
    • Hysteresis loops M(H), FC, ZFC, M(T) scans
    • VSM & DC measurements
    • Transport measurements (with resistivity kit and external device)
    • Susceptibility (up to 10 Oe excitation)
    • Low Field option to get superconducting magnet close to zero field
  • PPMS DynaCool

    • Magnetic moment detection, sensitivity 1 x 10-6 emu (field: +/- 9 Tesla, 1.9 K to 400 K) with Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
    • Hysteresis loops M(H), FC, ZFC, M(T) scans
    • Determination of magnetic susceptibility
    • Transport measurements (10 nOhm .. 5 GOhm) with electrical transport (ETO): resistivity,  IV-curves, dV/dI
    • Heat capacity – calorimetric investigation
    • Thermal conductivity
    • Optical transport investigation based on a tunable (monochromator) white-light source


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