AFSEM - correlative AFM and SEM

25. March 2020  - 08. April 2020

Series of free webinars on correlative electron microscopy techniques and In Situ TEM solutions

Don't miss the free WEBINARS on CORRELATIVE ELECTRONIC MICROSCOPY TECHNIQUES and IN SITU TEM SOLUTIONS organized by Quantum Design Italy. One hour each, once a week, in collaboration with our ...
AFSEM - correlative AFM and SEM - AFSEM - correlative AFM and SEM
AFSEM - correlative AFM and SEM

The AFSEM system enables you to combine the possibilities of your SEM with the capabilities of an atomic force microscopy (AFM). The AFSEM is compatible with most SEM and FIB/SEM systems on the market ...

AFSEM - correlative AFM and SEM - Self-sensing cantilevers
Self-sensing cantilevers

SCL-Sensor.Tech develops and manufactures silicon piezo-resistive self-sensing cantilevers. This type of all-electrical cantilever allows completely new applications in the fields of AFM, nanoprobing, ...


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