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Motorized filter wheel

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These filter wheels are used for a host of applications, including color CCD photography, fluorescence microscopy, and photometry. Two 4" dia, wheels are available: one which accepts six 25mm filters, and one which accepts twelve 12.5mm filters.

  • Motorized or Manual
  • Local or Remote Control
  • Accepts 12.5 mm and 25 mm diameter filters
  • Labeled filter positions
  • Base and post mountable


General Specifications
Serial RS-232
Manual Push button switches
Mounting 1/4-20 & #8-32 (M6 & M4)
Size 5.0" x 4.49" x 1.85"

Programming and Remote Control

Automation of filter sequences is available through the serial interface. A simple command language facilitates retrieving filter status and making filter selections. LabVIEW software is included, and consists of a stand-alone user interface as well as a drive which can be incorporated into your own software. The unit comes with the controller, filter housing, filter wheel, and a 5 VDC power supply, and threaded rings to hold the optics in place.

Remote or Manual Operation

Filter selection can be made manually from push buttons on the unit, or remotely from either a USB 2.0 or RS-232 interface.

Interchangeable Filter Wheels

The 4" dia. wheel is easily changed, allowing quick conversions between applications. Additional wheels are available.

Motorized Filter Wheel

  Size & Part Number
Descripton 12-Position / 12.5 mm 6-Position / 25 mm
Motorized filter wheel FW-MOT-12.5 FW-MOT-25
Extra wheel only FW-12.5 FW-25

Manual Filter Wheel

  Size & Part Number
Description 12-Position / 12.5 mm 6-Position / 25 mm
Manual filter wheel FW-MAN-12.5 FW-MAN-25


Color CCD Photography
Fluorescence Microscopy


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