Automated 3D Raman imaging system

alpha300 apyron from WITec

The alpha300 apyron is the top of the line Raman imaging system in WITec’s microscope series. It combines ease-of-use and ultimate capability by automating hardware control and offering pre-configured measurement routines. This streamlines the experimental workflow and yields reproducible results with unrivaled speed, sensitivity and resolution. With the release of a new generation of alpha300 apyron microscopes, WITec now takes Raman imaging automation to the next level.

  • Extensive automation: automated laser wavelength selection and spectrometer adjustment
  • True confocality and wavelength-optimized design
  • Unrivaled data acquisition speed
  • TruePower: determines absolute laser power with <0.1 mW accuracy
  • Ultra-high-throughput spectrometers for unprecedented spectral resolution

Further information

WITec’s apyron systems are always equipped with the most recent features and developments, especially with respect to automation and user comfort.

In the alpha300 apyron, the entire workflow from system calibration through Raman measurements to data analysis is fully automated and can be completely remote-controlled. You never have to touch the microscope – except to change your sample.

The alpha300 apyron sets the benchmark for automated Raman imaging systems with unrivaled imaging qualities. It simultaneously offers the highest spectral and spatial resolution, measurement speed and signal sensitivity. All parts of the system are optimized for the highest transmission efficiency and precision. Additionally, the modular design ensures freedom in system configuration to fulfill the specific requirements of your applications, even as they evolve. A wide variety of excitation lasers, ultra-high throughput spectrometers (UHTS) and detector types are available.



  • TrueCal executes pre-configured calibration routines.
  • Laser safety class 1 (or 1M) compliant.
  • AutoBeam concept for automatic and motorized beam path alignment includes:
    • Motorized 6-position objective turret: positions selected objective and compensates offsets
    • Motorized illumination selector: switches between all microscopy illumination options
    • Motorized laser coupler: delivers up to 6 laser wavelengths from UV to NIR
    • AutoBeam output coupler: automatically optimizes signal & resolution and selects spectrometers
    • Motorized calibration source: fast & automatic multi-point spectrometer calibration over the full spectral range
    • Motorized Köhler illumination apertures: facilitate focusing and optimize contrast and homogeneity
    • Motorized polarization modules: freely rotatable automated excitation polarizer and detection analyzer

Raman imaging

  • TruePower sets and determines absolute laser power with <0.1 mW accuracy.
  • Instrument (re-)positions sample automatically with motorized and piezo-driven scan stages.
  • Focus stabilization finds and actively maintains focus during the entire measurement.
  • Motorized objective turret includes precise offset-compensation – AFM/SNOM objective-compatible.
  • EasyLink handheld controller offers intuitive instrument operation.

Data processing and display

  • Suite FIVE software wizard guides the user through the processing of Raman spectra, from background reduction through image generation.
  • TrueComponent Analysis: automatically locates the sample components in an image and differentiates their individual spectra.
  • TrueMatch software identifies molecules by comparing measured spectra with existing databases.


Life science

From measurements in liquids to solid samples or soft tissues in life science varied samples are analyzed on a regular basis. With their convenient handling and versatile analytical capabilities the flexible WITec imaging systems provide the opportunity to adjust the imaging technique to changing requirements and are particularly well-suited for life science.

Pharmaceutics, cosmetics

The development and production of drug delivery systems requires efficient and reliable control mechanisms to ensure the quality of the final products. These products can vary widely in composition and application. Therefore analytical tools such as the WITec imaging systems that provide both comprehensive chemical characterization and the flexibility to adjust the method to the investigated specimen are preferred in pharmaceutical research.

Materials science

Materials science is a diverse field including the development and testing of new substances, as well as the refinement of manufacturing processes and quality control for existing products. WITec imaging systems are particularly well-suited for comprehensive sample analyses in materials science and provide the opportunity to acquire a thorough knowledge of the sample surface morphology and chemical composition.


WITec confocal Raman imaging systems are excellent analytical tools for the comprehensive investigation of geological samples, such as the identification and characterization of minerals, or in the observation of mineral phase transitions in high and ultra-high pressure/temperature experiments.


WITec imaging systems enable comprehensive sample analysis that provides a thorough characterization of the physical and chemical properties of the polymers on the nanometer scale.

Nano-Carbon & 2D Materials

2D materials such as carbon nano-tubes, graphene or transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) show immense promise in many applications such as transistors, sensors, and optoelectronics. Flexible and adaptive analytical methods can support effective investigation and accelerate progress in 2D materials research and development. For comprehensive investigations of nano-carbon and TMD samples WITec microscopes can be equipped with various imaging techniques such as confocal Raman imaging, AFM, and SNOM, all fully integratable in a single microscope.


WITec Apyron brochure
WITec Alpha300 Series Brochure
Application Note - 3D Raman Imaging


Next generation alpha300 apyron – experience a new level of automation


Stephane Struyve
Stephane Struyve

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