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Top articles from Edition 25 (6/2017)

Themes in this issue


Mößbauer spectroscopy in the Cryostation C2 from Montana Instruments

In the beginning of this year, the working group around Prof. Dr. Angela Möller at the University of Mainz has finished setting up their Mößbauer…

“Clean” helium – no more blocking sub-4 K cryostats

Prof. Conrado Rillo of the University of Zaragoza together with his colleagues and the Spanish research council have finally found a recipe for…

First installation of the CryoFMR option – ferromagnetic resonance at low temperatures

The first CryoFMR option for the PPMS from Quantum Design has been installed at the laboratory of Benjamin Martinez at the ICMAB-CSIC in Barcelona.

Almost like Star Wars – R2D12 for low temperatures

The electric sample mount R2D12 from Montana Instruments features 2 high-frequency RF (coax) connections and 12 low frequency DC connections.


Staying cool – SWIR-camera Bobcat 320

Our SWIR camera Bobcat 320 steps into the next generation for the perfect adaptation to your requirements.

iKon-L CCD camera from Andor helps discover new exoplanet system TRAPPIST-1

An international team of astronomers under Dr. Michaël Gillon from the Institute of Astrophysics and Geophysics of the University of Liege has…

High-speed cameras from AOS Technologies – passive cooling for interference-free microscopic imaging

Very small objects, especially when they move or change quickly, can only be imaged under a microscope. This is where high-speed cameras with high…

New high-end thermal cameras at LOT-QuantumDesign

Together with InfraTec, a leading manufacturer of high-end thermal cameras made in Germany, we offer a comprehensive range of infrared camera models…

Faster, more flexible and robust at high spectral resolution – FX17

The new spectral camera FX17 from Specim boasts 640 pixels which enables analyses at high spatial resolution.

Life Science

Q-Sense Dfind – a smart software for efficient QCM-D analysis

Whether we strive to publish scientific papers or meet project deadlines, it is important that our assisting tools do their job and do not waste our…

Materials science

Introduction seminar on ellipsometry 2017

On 17 October we will hold our yearly ellipsometry seminar.

CompleteEASE software training: Analysis of ellipsometric measurement data

From 18 to 20 October we will hold another CompleteEASE software training. Participants should have experience in spectroscopic ellipsometry and…

New UV-/IR-fiber for spectral ellipsometer VASE – experience the difference

Are you tired of switching between DUV and IR fibers to cover the entire spectral region of your VASE ellipsometer? These times are over now!

Woollam newsletter – issue 18 now published

In this issue, you will find interesting articles on spectroscopic ellipsometry and on the Woollam company and their products. For example:…

Low temperatures and materials science in practical experience classes for students

Few know that Quantum Design has special offers for research students


New flexibility – Moxtek wire-grid polarizers

Moxtek from Utah, USA is the leading manufacturer of wire-grid polarizers and beamsplitters. Aluminum structures are applied to glass substrates which…


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