Magnetfeld Messungen

Magnetfeld Messungen - Gaussmeter und Teslameter
Gaussmeter und Teslameter

Gauß- und Teslameter können sowohl Gleich- als auch Wechselmagnetfelder messen und auch Gleichfelder kontrollieren. Dazu benötigen die Gaußmeter eine geeignete Hallsonde. Wir haben ein- und ...

Magnetfeld Messungen - Hall probes for gaussmeters and teslameters
Hall probes for gaussmeters and teslameters

Axial, transverse, multi-axis, gamma, and tangential Hall probes are offered for the measurement of magnetic flux density. You can choose from a wide range of lengths and thicknesses. There are also ...

Magnetfeld Messungen - Hall (magnetic) sensors
Hall (magnetic) sensors

Hall effect sensors are measuring or detecting magnetic fields electronically. They are providing an output voltage proportional to the magnetic flux density. This device relies on the Hall effect. ...

Magnetfeld Messungen - Fluxmeter

The Fluxmeter Model 480 is an advanced tool designed primarily for use in industrial and measurement systems settings. It measures the total flux from which B, flux density, and/or H, magnetic field ...

Magnetfeld Messungen - Helmholtz and search coils
Helmholtz and search coils

Standard field Helmholtz coils, magnet moment measurement Helmholtz coils, and hand-held search coils.


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