19. Oktober 2022  - 24. Oktober 2022 Online webinar series: October 19th, 20th, 23rd, 24th

Webinar on cryogenic, magnetometry and material science

Save the days

We are happy to announce a series of online presentations with topics and news around cryogenics, magnetic and electric measurements. On five days, we will have a 45-minute presentation in the afternoon with an opportunity for discussion and questions:

19th Oct.Optical cryogenfree cryostats – OptiCool and CryoAdvance
20th Oct.Helium supply solutions for cryo laboratories
23rd Oct.Magnetic Measurements
24th Oct.DynaCool – News and focus on temperature
Date tba  M81-SSM  -  A new instrument for electric measurements (the starting time will be announced soon)
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Dr. Marc Kunzmann
Dr. Marc Kunzmann


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