Open a World of Easy-to-Use Correlative Microscopy by combining SEM with AFM in All New Ways

FusionScope is an easy-to-use correlative microscopy platform designed from the ground up to provide the benefits of SEM imaging together with a wide range of AFM measurement techniques. Combine SEM information with three-dimensional topography, the characterization of nano-mechanical, conductive, and magnetic properties, and much more.

FusionScope uses an innovative shared coordinate system to automatically align AFM and SEM operations for measurements and sample positioning. Within a single software interface, you can easily identify your area of interest, measure your sample, and combine your imaging data in real time.

New users will find correlative microscopy easy and accessible, while experienced users will be equipped with a powerful tool that contains the SEM and AFM functionality, they are familiar with.
With Profile View – an 80-degree tilt of the combined sample stage and AFM scan head – you can position the AFM tip quickly and precisely, even on complex and challenging sample surfaces.

Focus on your research and let FusionScope do the rest. FusionScope’s software provides an intuitive and customizable user interface and integrates automation of most functions into helpful workflows. Intelligent data handling organizes all your SEM and AFM data for easy access in the future.
Use the FusionScope for detailed Material Characterization of your samples and perform correlative analysis of their structural, mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties on your exact region of interest. Carry out high-level Quality Control of component parts or perform Failure Analysis on electrical components or semiconductor devices as you benefit from FusionScope’s fast and intuitive workflow. Easily characterize Nanostructures such as nanowires, 2D-materials, and nanoparticles. FusionScope gives you full control to locate your area of interest, position your probe, and perform a wide range of measurements.
Interested? Learn more about the specific details of the FusionScope on our new webseite.


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Dr. Chris Schwalb


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