Our European headquarters are located in Darmstadt, about 30 km away from Frankfurt and in the very center of Europe.

As an ever-growing distributor of high-tech instruments for research and industry, we are regularly looking for people who enjoy working in an international environment and are not afraid to take responsibility.

Why should you join us?

Because we are different:

  • We have colleagues in all of Europe. So we can always make use of a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.
  • Young professionals work side by side with long-time experts. This way we keep valuable know-how and ensure that new developments don’t pass us by.
  • We don’t need to demonstrate our expertise by wearing smart-looking business suits. And we still know what’s appropriate.
  • We know best how to reach our goals. This is why nobody tells us how to do our jobs.
  • We love our work. And we love life. This is why our working hours are as flexible as possible.

We would like to point out that the open positions are to be filled exclusively at the respective location. Please submit your application in German. Thank you very much.


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