Physical Property Measurements in a cryogen-free system (PPMS DynaCool)

from Quantum Design

The PPMS DynaCool is a completely redesigned instrument that provides all the capabilities of the Physical Property Measurement System without the need for any liquid cryogen. The system uses a single, two-stage pulse tube cryocooler for both the superconducting magnet and the temperature control system, providing an efficient, low vibration environment for sample measurements that simultaneously provides lower maintenance costs.

Measurements of material properties like specific heat, magnetic AC and DC susceptibility and both electrical and thermal transport properties (like Hall effect, thermoelectric figure of merit and Seebeck effect) can be done at down to 1.9 K and at up to 14 T.

  • Truly cryogen-free - no need for liquid cryogen
  • Temperature range of 1.9 K – 400 K
  • 9 T and 14 T magnets available
  • Continuous low-temperature control – maintains temperatures below 4.2 K for indefinite period of time and offers smooth temperature changes when warming and cooling through 4.2 K
  • Fully automated operation of PPMS DynaCool measurement options

Further information

A novel gas flow regulation system improves both cooling power and temperature stability as compared to the already state-of-the-art PPMS temperature control Quantum Design customers have come to expect. With this new control system the PPMS DynaCool is capable of cooling a standard PPMS sample puck from 300 K to a stable 1.9 K, in less than 40 minutes. The so-called continuous low-temperature control (CLTC) maintains temperatures below 4.2 K for indefinite periods of time and offers smooth temperature transitions when warming and cooling down to 4.2 K.

The PPMS DynaCool comes equipped with either a 9 T or 14 T conduction-cooled superconducting switch-less magnet system. The PPMS DynaCool-9T now includes an integrated magnetic shield capable of maintaining the five gauss line very near to the surface of the cryostat cabinet allowing these systems to be installed closer to other sensitive instruments for better lab space utilization.

The PPMS DynaCool comes with an integrated cryopump and vacuum gauge for controlling the sample environment.

The flexibility of the PPMS DynaCool allows you to create your own experiments and easily interface them to the sample chamber using inserts such as the multi-function probe which provides a fully customizable sample interface. Meanwhile, the cryostat functions such that the temperature and magnetic field can be controlled from external programs like LabVIEW or other third party software. The integrated helium re-liquefier uses a very low amount of liquid helium for temperature control. This makes the system virtually cryogen-free. Helium gas is only needed for purging the sample chamber.


Magnetic properties

  • Vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM)
    - 1000 K oven
    - Fiber optic sample mount
    - FORC option
  • AC susceptibility
  • Torque magnetometry
  • Ultra-Low field measurements
  • Pressure cell

Thermal properties

  • Heat capacity
  • Thermal transport
    - Thermal conductivity
    - Thermoelectric effect

Mechanical properties

  • Dilation
  • Elasticity

Electric properties

  • Electro transport
  • Van der Pauw – Hall transport
  • Rotator
  • Pressure cell


  • FMR spectroscopy

Sub-Kelvin capabilities

  • Helium-3 System
    - Heat capacity
    - Electro-transport
  • Dilution refrigerator system
    - Heat Capacity
    - Electro-transport
    - AC susceptibility

3rd party experiments

  • Multi function probe
  • Optical multi function probe


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Reference customers

"We use the DynaCool system both for electronic measurements (ETO- option) as well as for magnetrometric measurements (VSM-option). The system is used 24/7. A key feature for us is the easy handling of the system even at low temperatures (up to 1,8 K) and magnetic fields up to ±9 Tesla. The system is used not only by established scientists, but also by students, who have no experience of cryotechnology or superconducting magnets. Due to the easy handling the students can completely concentrate on the scientific problems and do rarely get held up by issues regarding the instrument."

- Dr. D. Görlitz, Universität Hamburg


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