Headquarters Pfungstadt: Progress is being made

For a long time it felt like nothing was happening on our construction site for the new headquarters in Pfungstadt. There were even rumors of an alleged construction stop. But sometimes it's the bureaucracy that gets in the way. After about seven months of waiting, work on the office building could finally begin. The necessary ground work had already been completed for some time.
Now things are finally moving forward and our new office space is taking shape in the form of the floor slab. At 3 o'clock in the morning the work started. Eight trucks shuttled the concrete from Gernsheim to the construction site. A total of approximately 65 tons of steel for the reinforcement and 260 m³ of concrete were used. The dimensions of the future office complex are now already clearly visible. The warehouse will later join the office building in the southwest.
We are pleased with the great progress on our construction site and can hardly wait to move into the new headquarters in 2023.

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