High frequencies in the DynaCool measurement system

Apart from measurement options, our PPMS, DynaCool and VersaLab systems allow the integration of proprietary electronics or measurement setups. The Multifunction Probe (MFP) is a sample holder for measurements with proprietary cables, light guide and more which can easily be integrated in the cryostat and be connected with the sample. Just lately, we used the MFP in our application lab for a high-frequency measurement. The MFP was fitted with common RF cables. In a first test, we measured the frequency of a 4 MHz quartz crystal as function of temperature. We used a nanoVNA. Starting at 300 K (approx. 3.9992 MHz, the quartz frequency decreases to about 3.9946 MHz, at a temperature of 10 K.

The figure shows the measurement data points S11 and the Vertical Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) at 300 K. The dip caused by the quartz oscillation is clearly visible.
The MFP allows easy integration of hardware. Scripting enables measurement data of third-party devices to be integrated in the MultiVu software. Scripts, for example, may be integrated in the sequence.
The PPMS, DynaCool and VersaLab are platforms for high magnetic fields and low temperatures which allow many automated measurement options for magnetic, thermal and electric sample characterization.

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Nicolas Tcherbak
Nicolas Tcherbak


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