MOXTEK Performance comparison tool

Our partner MOXTEK boasts a wide range of polarizers and beamsplitters for a variety of applications. Their filters feature large acceptance angles of ±20° and high thermal stability to 200 °C (>5000 h). They are available as contrast or transmission optimized versions, reflecting or absorbing. To find the best solution among all these possibilities, Moxtek has developed a performance comparison tool. Compare typical parameters like Tp, Ts and Rp, Rs, contrast and efficiency at different AoIs.  Further parameters are depicted in addition to the values in the specified areas for the selected filter types.

Check out the Moxtek comparison tool

By the way: Moxtek uses 200 mm wafers to produce polarizers and beamsplitters. Therefore all filters are available in sizes up to 180 mm in diameter and 130 x 130 mm2 in size.

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